Code Guess ... Code Breaking Fun !

Code Guess Project is my first iPhone project. I am fan of Mastermind®, and wanted to design a nice looking, easy to use, fun to play code breaking application, which even go a step further in teaching how to break code, and even how to optimally break them.

Thanks to Ludovic Avot, expert in Photoshop, this game has very nice graphics.

Thanks to Jean-Charles Acquaviva for his soundtrack "Souvenirs", composed for Code Guess.

The uniqueness of this game comes from the following innovations:

  1. its unique design, with 3D like-pegs and a nice wood board, providing good feeling in playing a nice game.

  2. the usability, where each peg is behaving ... like a peg.

  3. A trashcan allowing to eliminate a color. Very useful.

  4. A contextual help mode, indicating you that a color shall be added or removed, based on one or two previous answers as well as the colors already selected or eliminated

  5. And when all your colors are chosen, the same help indicate for each previous answer if your guess is ok (green), correct for the colors, but not for the position(yellow), or incorrect (orange).

  6. 3 unique Quiz modes, highly addictive, allowing fast games. These are ideal for public transport ...

  7. A Code Fight mode, for 2 players or in solo, where the solution is not fixed, but determined progressively by the answers.

  8. A Teacher, who show the optimal guess, and the number of remaining solution depending on the possible answers.

and finally, hours of testing with my wife and my 3 children, allowing this game to reach a high level of quality.